Historical stories about Lancashire Cheese.

Lancashire Cheese:

Anecdotes and Stories Reflecting its Production and Cultural Significance


Lancashire cheese, with its rich history and cultural significance, has a treasure trove of fascinating anecdotes and stories that reflect its production techniques, traditions, and the role it has played in the lives of locals. These charming tales provide insights into the cheese-making process and its cultural heritage.

This article will share some intriguing anecdotes and stories about Lancashire cheese that showcase its unique journey and the love it has garnered over the years.

1. The Cheese Rolling Competition:
In the early 19th century, an annual event known as the Cheese Rolling Competition occurred in Stilton, near Preston, Lancashire. During the competition, a wheel of Lancs cheese was rolled down a hill, and participants would chase after it. The first person to reach the bottom would win the cheese as a prize. This light-hearted event brought the community together and showcased the enthusiasm and love for Lancashire cheese in a fun and unconventional way.

2. Cheese Presses as Landmarks:
In the rural areas of Lanc’s, you might come across stone structures known as “cheese presses.” These were used historically to press and shape the curds during the cheese-making process. While many cheese presses are no longer in use, they have become iconic landmarks, reminding Lancashire’s cheese-making heritage and the importance of this craft in the region’s history.

3. The Lancashire Cheese Riot:
In 1769, a significant event known as the “Lancashire Cheese Riot” unfolded in Manchester. Due to an increase in the price of cheese, a group of people gathered in protest, demanding affordable cheese for the working class. The rioters targeted a warehouse where cheese was stored and distributed to the crowd. This event highlighted the cultural significance of Lancashire cheese and its importance as a staple food for the local population.

4. The Lancashire Cheese Walk:
The Lanc’s Cheese Walk is an annual event in Garstang, Lancashire. Participants embark on a picturesque walk through the countryside, passing by scenic landscapes and cheese-producing farms. The event celebrates the region’s cheese-making heritage and promotes the local cheese industry. Along the way, walkers can enjoy tastings, interact with cheese makers, and learn about the craft and traditions associated with Lanc’s cheese.

5. The Tale of “Tasty Lancashire”:
“Tasty Lancashire” is a specific type of Lancashire cheese that has gained recognition for its exceptional flavour profile. The name evokes curiosity and reflects this variety’s bold and tangy taste. Over the years, “Tasty Lancashire” has become synonymous with the quality and excellence of Lancashire cheese, garnering a dedicated following and becoming an integral part of the local culinary culture.

The anecdotes and stories surrounding Lancashire cheese offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of its production, cultural significance, and the love it has inspired throughout history. From the whimsical Cheese Rolling Competition to the historical Lancashire Cheese Riot, these tales demonstrate the strong bond between Lancashire cheese and the local community. The cheese presses that dot the landscape and the annual Lancashire Cheese Walk further emphasise the enduring legacy of this beloved cheese. By sharing these anecdotes and stories, we can appreciate the fascinating journey of Lancashire cheese and its place in the hearts of cheese enthusiasts and Lancashire locals alike.